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Contact lenses for boxing help professional boxer Akaash Bhatia see perfectly in the ring

Contact lenses are not allowed in professional boxing. Boxer Akaash Bhatia found it difficult to go training every day in contact lenses and was reluctant to go down the corrective surgery route. But after switching to overnight contact lenses he can now spar, train and see perfectly.

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Dominic Hatcher - 23, Student and wakeboarder

I compete at European level at wake-boarding and therefore I am in the water a lot. My old contacts would move around, get very dry and often come out. Wearing my contact lenses at night has given me a lot more freedom than daytime lenses. I don't get tired dry eyes that you usually get and it just makes you feel better - its hassle free.

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Contact lenses for dry eyes help Evening Standard Travel Journalist Jo Fernadez especially when travelling on aeroplanes

I was tired of fiddling around with contact lenses every morning and having problems if my eyes were particularly tired or dry. I travel for a living and flying, in particular, can make your eyes very dry if you wear contact lenses.

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Angela Lampitt - a nurse searched for 20 years

for a comfortable contact lens so she could get rid of her glasses. Overnight vision correction has proved to be the solution for a 41-year-old woman who could not find a contact lens to suit her.

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Andrew Wight - sporting reason to wear OVC lenses

Frustrated that health and safety rules made him remove his glasses when playing sport at school, Andrew decided to give overnight vision correction a try.

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Contact lenses for reading make glasses are a thing of the past for Elaine, 65.

New contact lenses for reading which are worn only at night when sleeping were suggested to Elaine a long time contact lens wearer who wanted to avoid reading glasses.

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Contact lens eye infection caught while swimming made Marcus switch to overnight contact lenses

After catching an eye infection after swimming in his contact lenses, Marcus a keen sports man, decided to look for a better alternative to correct his eyesight. He can now surf, swim and shower without any risk of catching an infection from the water

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Romy Biscoe 12 - Enjoys Ballet and Body Boarding

"We go on lots of family holidays and needed to buy prescription glasses, swimming goggles, skiing goggles and prescription sunglasses. Everything is much more straight forward now".

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Michael Davis 13 - Downhill Ski Racing Enthusiast

Michael who wore glasses as a child now wears orthokeratology over night vision correction contact lenses to help him play sport

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Darren Williams - Considered Laser Eye Surgery but Not Seriously Because of the Risks

"I have considered laser eye surgery but not seriously because of the risks, I am waiting for the technology to improve i-GO lenses are just much better for really active people and they are a brilliant ALTERNATIVE TO EYE LASER SURGERY.

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