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There are many ways to improve your eyesight the obvious being with glasses or contact lenses. However, these only actually correct your eyesight. Some people use eye exercises to try and improve their eyesight but there is no real evidence that they work and most people find it difficult to stick with the regime.

Until recently, laser eye surgery was the only real way to improve your eyesight and give you back 20/20 vision. But now there is a new option in the armoury of eyesight improvement and it's called overnight vision correction.

Overnight vision correction is a new treatment which uses specially shaped overnight contact lenses  which you wear only at night to correct your eyesight while you sleep.

They improve your eyesight to give you better than 20/20 vision when you first remove the lenses in the morning to ensure your eyesight is at least 20/20 at the end of the day.

Because overnight contact lenses are a special shape, by wearing the lenses every night your eyes retain the correct 20/20 shape so that your eyesight does not get worse.

Myopia or short-sightedness has risen dramatically in the last 20 years and it is now estimated that up to 40% of the UK population are myopic. This is especially worrying as children's eyesight is more vulnerable, as myopia development is more agressive in childhood.

There is now a large body of independent research  to support the use of overnight contact lenses to halt the progression of short-sightedness in children, a technique called myopia control. The question now is, not does myopia control work, but by how much can it stop myopia in its tracks and improve the eyesight of future generations. 

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