OVC® contact lenses for sport

Overnight contact lenses are ideal for sport as they offer short-sighted athletes a new way to achieve perfect natural vision without special prescription sports eyewear. 

It is impossible to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses for many contact sports such as football, rugby, martial arts or boxing and extremely difficult for most water sports. If you cycle, run or ski then conventional contact lenses are susceptible to environmental hazards such as wind, rain and dust and they can move or fall out.

OVC® contact lenses are only worn at night and they correct your eyesight while you sleep therefore special prescription sports glasses or presciption goggles are not needed. 

It is not recommended to wear contact lenses for sports like swimming or other water sports due to the risk of infection from microbes picked up in the water. 

Whether you are an elite or recreational athlete switching to overnight contact lenses will not only give you that competitive edge in your sport but they can save you money as you don't need to buy any specialist prescription sports eyewear which can be expensive, especially if you are already paying for contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses.

iGO overnight contact lenses are now worn by a professional boxer , an England rugby player,  a Great Britain canoeist  plus many more recreational and amateur sports people.

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