Why haven't I heard of iGO OVC® before?

You may be wondering why you haven't heard of iGO OVC before, given that it's such an exciting new alternative to laser eye surgery, conventional glasses or contact lenses .

Although the technique and principles have been known about for many years, it is only recently, with the advent of new sophisticated optical measuring equipment, precision computer controlled lens manufacture and new lens materials that the treatment has become a viable practical reality.

Furthermore, overnight vison correction requires opticians to invest in specialist equipment, training and time spent with each patient. It does not suit the larger chains who tend to be more interested in high volume and quick turnover. However, at iGO we have a group of highly specialised, leading edge opticians, who will ensure your success with OVC.

The number of people benefiting from OVC has been increasing around the world over the last five years. As the take-up gradually increases, it will not be long before everyone has heard of OVC.

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