benefits of overnight corrective contact lenses

Advantages of corrective contact lenses for adults

Imagine how much more freedom you would have if you had perfect eyesight again. What would be the advantages of overnight corrective contact lenses for you?

Twenty four hour vision

See perfectly with your iGO lenses in but more importantly when you take them out. So when the alarm clock goes off in the morning or if you need to get up in the night you wont have to worry about reaching for your glasses. your iGO corrective contact lenses are working for you 24/7.


They are just one small thing which cover all the bases. You don't need special sunglasses and you can showering without worrying about water getting in your eyes. 


They are a more comfortable solution whether you wear glasses or daytime contacts. They are better for dry eye and hay fever sufferers as the lenses are only worn while sleeping. 


Overnight contact lenses are an ideal solution for keen sportsmen and women. All the problems of wearing glasses or contact lenses in sports  such as rugby, boxing, swimming  and scuba diving vanish overnight.


There are major health benefits to wearing overnight contact lenses compared to normal soft contact lenses. Overnight contact lenses are only worn for six to eight hours at a time, whereas normal lenses can be worn for up to eighteen hours one of the main causes of dry eyes .

They are the new alternative to laser eye surgery, giving you all the benefits of natural daytime vision with none of the risks.

Stop your eyesight getting worse

If this isn't exciting enough, there is now a growing body of independent scientific research indicating that overnight contact lenses slow down and can even halt the progression of short sightedness (myopia control). This is especially relevant for children whose myopia typically worsens every year. Wearing overnight contact lenses can prevent a child's eyesight  from deteriorating year in, year out. 

The benefits of overnight lenses are endless because nothing beats natural vision. 

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