OVC® contact lenses for reading

Contact lenses for reading are a great alternative to glasses. Reading glasses can be more of a hassle than distance glasses because they are never there when you need them.

Overnight vision correction (OVC®) is a non-surgical alternative to reading glasses and the latest way to correct presbyopia but is only suitable for those who also have a short-sighted presciption.

Using specilly designed overnight contact lensesOVC® corrects shortsightedness and reading vision at the same time and it is all done while you sleep.

Everybody will need reading glasses eventually, it can't be avoided, it is an age-related problem called presbyopia and it generally starts to affect people from the age of forty onwards.

Overnight contact lenses gently reshape the cornea creating a flatter area over the pupil for distance vision and a raised microscopic ring around it for reading. The brain adjusts very easily to use this area to read and this delays the need for reading glasses.

Whilst your friends are all searching for their glasses, you won't have to. Feel ten years younger with OVC®.

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