OVC® contact lenses for dry eyes

Contact lenses can make your eyes feel dry, tired and gritty. When this happenes, you may choose to wear glasses to give your eyes a rest. Overnight contact lenses can help to relieve dry eye problems because they are only worn at night and not during the day.  Overnight contact lenses  correct your vision whilst you sleep so you don't need to use any form of vision correction during the day.

Wearing contact lenses for too long is one of the main causes of dry eyes. Many people wear daytime contact lenses for up to eighteen hours a day though they should only be worn for a maximum of eight. Overnight contact lenses are worn for six to eight hours while you sleep, so they are much gentler on the eyes. They are also made from a high permeable material which lets in around six times more oxygen than standard daily lenses.

Soft contact lenses are hyrdophilic and actually soak up water from your eyes to replace moisture lost to the environment. Air conditioning, wind, flying, staring at computer screens and driving are all things which also dry out your eyes.

Overnight contact lenses leave you contact lens free during the day so your eyes get lots of oxygen and can be lubricated freely and naturally by your tears when you blink. Your eyes will feel fresh and confortable all day long.

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