OVC® contact lenses for swimmers

Swimming in contact lenses can be risky but with new iGO OVC® underwater vision you can dive in, swim safely underwater and see perfectly without contact lenses or prescription swimming goggles. In fact OVC® is perfect all waterbased sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing or scuba diving.

Until recently there was no other option for swimmers other than to buy prescription goggles or risk wearing contact lenses with perhaps normal swimming goggles over the top.

Contact lenses and swimming pool water don't mix. In fact any kind of water from hot tubs to showers or even tap water should never come into contact with contact lenses. This is because water carries microscopic amounts of tiny organisms called Acanthamoeba, a bacterium which gets trapped under contact lenses and can cause serious eye infections, even blindness. 

However OVC® vision uses specially shaped overnight contact lenses which reshape the cornea to correct short-sightedness while you sleep. When the contact lenses are removed the next morning the wearer will have  20/20 natural vision. It is especially suited for swimmers or watersports enthusiasts because contact lenses  or prescription goggles are not needed when swimming. 

"it was wonderful to hurl myself into the ocean and not worry about contact lenses" says Patrick Barkham, The Guardian


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