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Not Wearing Reading Glasses - Better, Safer And Cheaper Than Any Facelift! Elaine Looks And Feels Twenty Years Younger So What Is Her Secret?
Not Wearing Reading Glasses - Better, Safer And Cheaper Than Any Facelift! Elaine Looks And Feels Twenty Years Younger So What Is Her Secret?
Did you know that everybody will need glasses to read once they get to into their 40s. While myopia - difficulty seeing distant objects - affects a third of the UK population, presbyopia - which is wear people need glasses to read - is something which affects 100% of the older population from the 40s onwards. 
Presbyopia is caused by a reduced elasticity of the lens and the muscles in the eye which are used to bring close things like writing into focus. It is an age-related condition which just can't be avoided. 
Wearing glasses to read is probably worse than needing them for distance vision and it says to the outside world that you are getting on a bit. They are also inconvenient. Because you don't wear them all the time like distance glasses, you can never find them when you want them and you often end up having many pairs placed strategically around the house and office.
Many people try to stave off the day they cave in and buy their first pair of reading glasses by holding the newspaper further away. But it is a dead giveaway. Have you ever sat down in a restaurant with your friends and before anyone picks up the menu they all reach for their reading glasses?
But what if you could avoid reading glasses. Elaine, 62 doesn't use glasses or contact lenses to read because her optician Geoff Wilson, introduced her to overnight vision correction with monovision. Elaine, with 42 years of lens-wearing experience under her belt thought she had had experienced it all - hard, soft and gas permeable contact lenses.
Elaine's Story
"I had worn glasses from the age of 12, but there was no way as a young woman that I was going to attend dances and see The Beatles as ‘Miss Four Eyes'!" explained Elaine Hemming-Allen. "I also wasn't prepared to rely on friends' descriptions of any potential suitors! So, I was going to wear contact lenses, even if they killed me - and at first I thought they would!" said 62 year-old Elaine, from Tanworth in Arden, near Redditch. Fitted with her first lenses aged 20.

"It seemed unbelievable that I would be able to see with my own eyes again - but when Geoff said I would need to wear a lens in only ‘one' eye and only while sleeping - well, that really took some believing!" 
Overnight vision correction treatment is principally used to correct short-sightedness. It uses custom- designed contact lenses to gently flatten the front surface of the eye correcting the angle light enters so that it focuses correctly on the retina. The lenses are only worn while sleeping and when removed each morning users can see perfectly without glasses or daytime contact lenses. It is a great alternative to laser surgery and also for those who suffer from dry eyes. 
There is an added benefit as you move into your 40's as overnight vision correction delays the start at which presbyopia kicks in. This is because the cells in the area over the pupil which is flattened have to go somewhere and they move to create a small raised circle on the periphery. This creates a 'plus' effect in this area and without realising it your brain adapts to use this area to read with. Eventually age will catch up with you but then you have the option to move to monovision for reading, as in Elaine's case. 
Geoff explained: " Monovision - is the planned use of one eye (usually the weakest) to provide reading vision, while the other is used for clear distance vision. Although most people have two eyes that work equally together, the brain still prefers to concentrate on viewing images with one eye rather than the other." 
Elaine concluded: "It's the silliest things that make overnight vision correction so wonderful for me. For the first time since I was 12, I can see the detail of things like bark on a tree - and all with my ‘own' eyes!" 
So next time you are sitting around a table and everyone pulls out their reading glasses you can smugly feel ten years younger. Or in Elaine's case, twenty because your natural vision will be on a par with that of the under 40s and only you will know your secret. Not wearing reading glasses - better, safer and cheaper than any facelift!
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About i-GO Overnight Vision Correction
• Suitable for all ages, around 75% of all short-sighted people are suitable - prescriptions up to -5.00D with astigmatism less than -1.50D.
• Initial design and lens fitting is from £200 and then from £40 per month for all aftercare including replacement lenses, cleaning solutions and eye checks.
• i-GO OVC contact lenses are a European CE marked medical device available on prescription through accredited i-GO opticians.
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