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RUGBY WORLD CUP - Players Gain Advantage With Overnight Vision Correction
With the next Rugby World Cup kicking off in September, the nation is once again set to be gripped by rugby fever - some may even be inspired to take up the sport. But for those short-sighted rugby enthusiasts who wear daytime contact lenses, every collision on the pitch runs the risk of losing a lens. However, i-GO Optical has successfully tackled this problem with Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) contact lenses which correct your short sight while you sleep.

Jennifer Golden, CEO of i-GO Optical, which markets overnight vision correction contact lenses in the UK, says, "Wearing conventional contact lenses when playing any competitive sport can cause problems for the wearer - often at crucial times. Last November, in his ATP World Tour Finals match against Rafael Nadal, leading tennis player Novak Djokovic had to leave the court several times because of problems with his contact lenses and this cost him the match."

Someone who has experienced the benefits of overnight vision correction first hand is Wasps and England Women's player Jo McGilchrist who was a member of the team which finished runners-up to New Zealand in last year's World Cup held in England. Naturally, for a second row forward in a contact sport like rugby Jo was frequently forced to leave the field during matches to replace lost lenses - but not anymore. As she says, "I am now able to play a full rugby match knowing that my vision is 100% and not worrying that a lens might come out during a tackle or scrum."

Overnight vision correction contact lenses are manufactured using a unique computerised map of the surface of the eye and are specially designed to sleep in. They gently flatten the cornea altering the angle at which light enters the eye so it focuses correctly on the retina. When the lenses are removed in the morning, full vision correction is maintained for over 24 hours. You can see with the lenses in and more importantly, when you take them out. 
The lenses can be worn at any age and do not come at a cost only afforded by sports professionals. The initial design and lens fitting costs from £200 and then from £40 per month for all aftercare including replacement lenses every 6 months, cleaning solutions and regular eye checks.

Michael Davis aged 14, loves playing rugby and has been wearing overnight vision correction contact lenses for nearly two years. He says, "I think my lenses are amazing because I don't have to wear glasses anymore and I can even last a couple of days without wearing them and still see. I can also play rugby much easier, as well as baseball and tennis."

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About i-GO Overnight Vision Correction
• Suitable for all ages, around 75% of all short-sighted people are suitable - prescriptions up to -5.00D with astigmatism less than -1.50D.
• Initial design and lens fitting is from £200 and then from £40 per month for all aftercare including replacement lenses, cleaning solutions and eye checks.
• i-GO OVC contact lenses are a European CE marked medical device available on prescription through accredited i-GO opticians.
• Children can claim an NHS allowance against the treatment.
• Interested consumers can visit or contact 0844 7362579
• Jo McGilchrist attends LK Leon Opticians, 29 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 9TU. Tel: 0207 486 9915.
• Michael Davis attends First Contact Opticians, 126 Field End Road, Eastcote, Pinner, Middlesex HA5 1RJ. Tel: 0208 866 4911.

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