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EYES RIGHT FOR HAY FEVER SUFFERERS Eye Health Week Monday 13 June - Sunday 19 June 2011
We all look forward to the summer - the promise of a long-awaited holiday in the sunshine and longer days here in the UK. But for 20% of the UK population, this means the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever, which are worse if you wear contact lenses. Now, help is at hand with i-GO Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) overnight contact lenses, which correct your eyesight while you sleep.

For those wearing contact lenses, hay fever is a common problem because the dust and pollen gets into the eyes and causes irritation. The end of June is usually the peak of the grass pollen season when sufferers will be most vulnerable. Overnight vision correction is the answer. Sufferers' exposure to pollen sets off an allergic reaction because a membrane covering the whites of the eyes, known as the conjunctiva, becomes inflamed and causes watery and itchy eyes. Dust and city pollution may make the condition even worse.

But what if you didn't have to wear contact lenses during the day? i-GO OVC overnight contact lenses are made using a unique computerised map of the eye surface and are specially designed to sleep in. They gently flatten the cornea altering the angle at which light enters the eye so it focuses correctly on the retina.

When the lenses are removed in the morning, full vision correction is maintained for over 24 hours. You can see with the lenses in and more importantly, when you take them out. The lenses can be worn at any age but for children the additional benefit of stabilising their prescription before it becomes too high is significant. In the long term those with high degrees of short-sightedness are more likely to develop retinal detachment, glaucoma and cataracts.

John Astley who uses the The Contact Lens Practice in Birmingham has noticed a significant improvement in his hay fever symptoms since wearing OVC overnight contact lenses. He said, "I used to suffer with very itchy eyes and nose when the pollen count was high and found soft contact lenses very uncomfortable. I always had to wear glasses, which meant I couldn't wear my sunglasses. With i-GO OVC overnight contact lenses there is no itchiness and my eyes feel freer and more comfortable. It's fantastic."

Geoff Wilson who runs the Contact Lens Practice in Birmingham and fitted John's OVC contact lenses says, "Many short-sighted daytime contact lens wearers who suffer from hay fever find it almost impossible to wear their lenses during the pollen season due to discomfort. So OVC contact lenses are an ideal solution since they are only worn while sleeping yet provide clear natural vision once they are removed in the morning."

Professor Stephen Durham, Clinical Lead for Allergy Services at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust, says "People who wear contact lenses and suffer with hay fever may find that their eyes become very irritated, which is uncomfortable and unpleasant. As a general rule hay fever sufferers should try and avoid pollen as much as possible by closing windows tight shut, including car windows and avoiding going out as much as possible in the afternoon and evenings when pollen counts tend to be highest. However this is impractical for most sufferers who must rely on anti-allergic drugs including non-sedating antihistamine tablets and corticosteroid nasal sprays. Contact lens wearers should avoid cromoglygate eye drops, which discolour contact lenses."

Jennifer Golden, CEO of i-GO Optical, which markets overnight contact lenses in the UK, says, "Whilst i-GO OVC overnight contact lenses are relatively new here in the UK, there are already over 100,000 people worldwide wearing them. As a hay fever sufferer myself, I sympathise with those who dread hearing the pollen count is increasing and the inevitable symptoms are on their way. OVC overnight contact lenses provide a safe and effective solution to this problem and bring much-needed relief to hay fever sufferers."

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About i-GO Overnight Vision Correction
• Suitable for all ages, around 75% if all short-sighted people are suitable - prescriptions up to -5.00D with astigmatism less than 1.50D.
• Initial design and fitting is from £200 plus £40 per month.
• A European CE marked medical device available in prescription through accredited opticians.
• Children can claim a NHS allowance against the treatment.
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