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20/20 vision more desirable than Kate, Eva or Madonna

Over 70% of shortsighted Londoners value perfect 20/20 vision so highly, they would be willing to forgo acquiring A-list celebrity traits for it, according to a new survey from

Over a third (37%) of those surveyed would be willing to swap Kate Moss' wardrobe, Eva Longoria's glowing skin (32%) or even a physique like Madonna (32%) if it meant their view of the world was crystal clear. Surprisingly, almost one in 20 Londoners admit they'd even swap their partner for perfect sight!

Invasive treatments such as laser surgery can provide people with near-perfect vision. However the associated expense can be prohibitive, with over half (54%) of shortsighted Londoners confessing they're unable to afford it.

Shelly Bansal, independent practitioner in Greater London and Head of Professional Services for i-GO Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) contact lenses, comments: "These survey results reveal Londoner's strongly desire the 20/20 vision that invasive treatments like laser surgery deliver, but understandably they simply can't afford it in the current climate. i-GO OVC contact lenses offer an affordable, non-surgical and reversible process that works overnight, gently reshaping the cornea so that light correctly focuses on the back of the eye (the retina).

He continues: "The cornea is elastic, so when the lens is removed in the morning the cornea retains the shape, enabling wearers to see clearly all day right until they reinsert their lenses that night before going to bed, eliminating the need for conventional daytime contact lenses or glasses too. It's as effective as laser surgery, but without the risks - or the price tag!"

i-GO OVC contact lenses also offer shortsighted Londoners with hectic lifestyles the freedom from conventional contact lenses and glasses during the day, and the ability to see clearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are available exclusively from i-GO accredited eye care professionals. Interested consumers can contact the i-GO Call Centre on 0800 077 8185 to be directed to their nearest outlet, or visit for a full list of accredited opticians.


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i-GO survey. July 2008







• i-GO OVC contact lenses are suitable for people who are shortsighted (moderately myopic), with a prescription of up to -5.0D; mildly astigmatic (-1.5D or less); and those not suitable for laser surgery because they are too young, suffer from dry eye or are simply too nervous
• i-GO OVC contact lenses are FDA approved in America and carry the CE mark for Europe and were developed in the US utilising state-of-the-art technology, including a leading edge computer controlled diamond lathes to produce a precise fitting lens. All i-GO OVC contact lenses are custom-designed for each wearer, ensuring faster results, better vision, and a superior comfort. 
• i-GO Optical Limited was co-founded by two successful retail healthcare entrepreneurs - Jennifer Golden, who pioneered the market for cosmetic dentistry in the UK via the first branded, high street retail cosmetic dentistry chain called Dentics; and Malcolm Hughes, former CEO of Oasis Healthcare. Two experienced clinicians support Jennifer and Malcolm - Shelly Bansal FBDO, (Hons)CL, FBLCA, a highly experienced practicing UK optician with extensive knowledge of OVC; and Dr Trusit Dave PhD, BSc(Hons), MCOptom, FAAO a leading researcher and practising optometrist who co-authored the definitive text "Orthokeratology: Principles and Practice."


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