By Steve Roberts 

Overnight vision correction  which is a non-surgical treatment for shortsightedness using custom-designed contact lenses worn only while sleeping can help drivers avoid the need to invest in expensive prescription sunglasses. A summer survey from GetLenses highlighted the fact that many drivers - some 53% of the 1,000 people with vision defects who were surveyed - admitted that they did not own a pair of prescription sunglasses and chose to drive in ordinary sunglasses instead. Given that the winter sun sits lower in the sky and can be dazzlingly bright especially if reflecting off frosty or snowbound surfaces, this represents a potentially serious safety hazard.

Whilst the relatively high cost of prescription sunglasses appears to be a deterrent factor for many drivers with vision defects, a further issue appears to be the desire to look fashionable by wearing designer sunglasses. Given the typically high cost of the designer frames, fashion followers often opt to buy them with standard non-prescription lenses so they provide only a cosmetic benefit and are certainly unsuitable to drive in. This is where overnight vision correction offers an attractive alternative since this treatment corrects shortsightedness during sleep and then provides perfect natural vision all day long after the special lenses are removed each morning.

The treatment provides full vision correction until the custom lenses are reinserted at night so it provides people with all the benefits of laser surgery but without the surgery. In particular, it means that it is perfectly safe to wear designer sunglasses frames with standard non-prescription lenses for driving or for any other activity. In particular, for skiing enthusiasts faced with the choice between prescription goggles or sunglasses, the benefits of overnight vision correction  mean that neither are necessary and standard non-prescription versions can be purchased. So people who are shortsighted now have a new treatment option which for enables them to be fashionable and safe as well meaning lower costs.

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