By Jo McGilchrist Ex Wasps and England Womens Rugby International

Well, not quite the spectacle anticipated and more cagey rugby on show in the northern hemisphere. Scotland managed to nullify Parisse in a well calculated performance to avoid the wooden spoon. Wales managed to slide past France in a mediocre performance by the home team, France literally giving away try's as Plisson had a momentary lapse of concentration whilst dreaming about leaks and daffodils, shame he wasn't chipping the ball through to put France ahead.

If it wasn't difficult enough beating Wales in Wales, having your number 10 temporarily play for the opposition definitely does not help. As for England v Ireland. I had much anticipated for this match. New players were being rolled out which normally results in some exciting rugby as they haven't had the chance to figure each other out yet. Old hands playing old hands know each other's strengths and know how to nullify one another. New hands don't worry about how to stop the opposition. They play with their strengths in a 'stop me if you can' kind of way.

So who were the winners this week? Itoje will be a world class second row. Excellent news for England as Jones confirms the England way is through the pack. As a second row I know I wouldn't want to line up against Itoje, Launchbury or Lawes, the engine room is strong and has depth which is a good place to start. Vunipola is starting to show his class as he seams to be allowed to play with the ball these days in a stop me if you can kind of way, just what the coach ordered. Hartley is leading from the front, Brown is infallible at the back, now only if we could get something in the middle. The excitement around Tuilage continues to grow. It has been a long wait for him and us but maybe going forward he can start to play for England again giving the team options around the park.

So to next weekend. Ireland will collect points at home against the deflated Italians. Scotland v France I feel should not be shown on TV. The French are full of errors and know nothing (currently) better then to use their mass. Scotland have lost form since the World Cup and have returned to their calculated performance based on minimising points conceded and kicking every penalty for their points. Sadly this relies on the opposition giving away penalties instead of the ability to produce scoring opportunities aka exciting rugby. England v Wales is the championship decider. I back England all the way, they are a strengthening team which is growing in confidence and have yet to leave third gear. Wales love to play exciting rugby, could this be the match the northern hemisphere has been waiting for?

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