It sounds unlikely - wear your contact lenses while you sleep, then wake up, take them out and you've got 20:20 vision all day.  Buts that's exactly the promise of i-GO, one of a new bread of contact lenses, effective up to a -5 prescription. It works by re-shaping the surface of your eye as you sleep, applying pressure to your cornea and leaving an imprint,  that lasts for up to 24hrs, correcting your sight temporarily, so you can forgo glasses and contacts. Our tester, whose prescription is -1.75 and -2.5 says " I had 20:20 vision all day. Also my lenses used to give me dry eyes but, since trying i-GO my eyes are much more comfortable during the day"  

Available at independents opticians for about £250 for the initial fitting and £39.50 per month for the lenses. For more infromation call 0800 0778185

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