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When I first heard about this I dismissed it completely. You know when things sound to good to be true? I was sure that I Go Lenses would fall into the same category as those fitness machine that promise you 5 pounds weight loss a week by only 10 minutes a day (and I have a couple of those at home- great clothes racks).

But I did a little investigating after hearing a couple of rave reviews, and you know what, I'm intrigued. The lenses are meant to be worn whilst you sleep, and due to how they flatten the coronea, the idea is that for the next ten hours (when you've removed them) your eyesight will be improved.

It's not a cure by any means, but if you find the day to day grind of wearing lenses annoying (cleaning, itching, sports etc) then these could be a godsend. Sure, they're pretty pricey, but still a lot cheaper than laser surgery, with none of the scary side effects.

So how does it work, and who is it suitable for? Sadly I can't wear them as I have a -7.00 prescription, but it should work for anyone up to -5.00, and -1.50 for those with astigmatism. They use computerized corneal topography to map the eyes , and then create lenses according to the results. They use lenses with high oxygen permeability, which means they won't become sore when you sleep in them. The lens is lightly flattened at its peak and thus presses onto the eye whilst you sleep, gently correcting the focusing distance to the retina. When it's removed in the morning it holds this shape for a number of hours you to have clearer vision and be glasses and contacts free!

There are some side effects such as halos around bright lights, but apparently these go away within a few weeks of wear. There are a couple of stages to go through to get the lenses as first you have a consultations, then a fitting appointment. The day after you go in for an extra check up and then a week later. After that you visit one month later and then have sporadic check ups.

A consultation is £50, and actually creating the lenses with all the diagnostic costs £200. Then you have to add on a monthly direct debit for any replacements and an annual sight test of £40. Not cheap by any means, but if you have the money and the desire to be contact lens free I could understand why you might get tempted. If they did my prescription I know I'd be booking an appointment

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