By Steve Roberts 

Ortho-k optician , Geoff Wilson, who has run his own specialist contact lens practice in the centre of Birmingham for almost 40 years, is aiming to become the leading provider in the UK of Overnight Vision Correction for shortsighted people. Geoff has always been known as a contact lens pioneer and has built an industry reputation for being able to fit some of the most difficult patient cases - in some cases using bespoke contact lens designs which he has helped to create himself. As Geoff makes clear on his practice website: "60% of our new patients have either been told that they can't wear lenses for one reason or another, or have tried lenses and have given up because what they were wearing just wasn't right for them. We can honestly claim that there is virtually no one that we can't fit."

Now Geoff believes the time is right to launch a new strategy for shortsighted people by ensuring they are made aware of Overnight Vision Correction. This new treatment involves wearing small custom-designed ortho-k corrective contact lenses only while sleeping then removing them in the morning and the lenses can only be fitted by a specialist ortho-k optician  like Geoff or his colleagues at the practice, Adrian and Helen. These unique lenses correct short sight by gently flattening the surface of the cornea overnight ensuring that light focuses directly onto the retina at the back of the eye rather than in front of it to ensure that distant objects can be seen clearly. The full corrective effect of the lenses lasts for over 24 hours so the wearer has perfect natural vision all day long until reinserting the lenses at night before going to bed.

Geoff's expertise and the reputation he has built up over many years mean that people travel to The Contact Lens Practice  from all over the country. Now he believes the time is right to ensure all of his shortsighted patients he sees are offered a treatment which he describes as "providing all of the benefits of laser surgery in terms of natural daytime vision - but without the surgery." In particular, he believes this is the perfect treatment for children since it not only corrects their shortsightedness, it also prevents it from getting any worse as would otherwise happen if they wore glasses or conventional daytime contact lenses. He says: "As an experienced ortho-k optician , I have used overnight vision correction to treat many shortsighted children and both they and their parents are delighted with the outcome."

Check if you are suitable for overnight ortho-k corrective contact lenses .

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