Orthok contact lenses can make for easier viewing of 3D films like Avatar
Avatar, a new film featuring futuristic visual effects and which requires the use of 3D glasses has topped the US box office.

The hyped-up film took $73 million (£45.3 million) in the US on its opening weekend and also took an estimated $232.2 million (£144.1 million) worldwide – the ninth biggest total for an opening weekend, according to 20th Century Fox.

Director James Cameron's Avatar is nearly 60 per cent computer generated (CG) and has cost a reported $300 million to make.

In order to experience the 3D effects, movie-goers must wear special glasses which help them feel like they are actually in the film.

Matt DeGroot rated the film highly for poptimal.com. He said: "This isn't 3D in the classic sense of things coming at your face in a hokey manner. Rather it is about depth of field and looking ahead to feel like you're occupying the same space as the characters."

Jonathan Fawkner from Framestore, a company hired to do some of the CG work, described the difficulty of making all the movie's scenes 3D.

He told the BBC: "On Avatar we had an optical stereo image to deal with – that's two images, one for each eye… that's double the workload."

3D glasses look set to be featured more and more in Hollywood, but they can be awkward to wear with prescription spectacles.

Orthokeratology night time contact lenses are the perfect way to get sharp vision, helping you to enjoy your favourite films in comfort.

Orthokcorrective contact lenses gently reshape the eye while you sleep, meaning that there is no need for glasses or contact lenses during the day.

The specially-designed orthok night time contact lenses are perfect for people who want to forget they are short-sighted and enjoy natural vision during the day.

By Nick Howard

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