By Michael Hutton 

Alternative to laser surgery ? This is often a question that consumers have when they consider ways to treat their short-sightedness - otherwise known as ‘myopia'. Laser surgery appears to be the perfect solution since the sales pitch emphasises the benefits of being able to see perfectly all day long without needing glasses or conventional contact lenses. However, despite the fact that laser surgery has been established as an eyesight correction treatment for over 20 years, the mere idea of having surgery on the eye is a concern for many consumers.

This concern will have been reinforced by a new investigation carried out by the consumer group ‘Which?' that has revealed a third of laser eye surgery consultations on the High Street are of a poor standard and customers are being pressured to signing up. The report found that out of 18 consultations given by High Street laser eye clinics, six were rated as ‘poor' by an expert panel. So it is hardly surprising that seeking a safe alternative to laser surgery  would be of importance to consumers and with the new ortho-k overnight vision correction a solution is at hand.

The Which? report reveals that a third of clinics visited by their expert panel did not properly explain the potential risks of laser eye procedures to patients - which include dry eye, under- or over-correction, and even loss or reduced quality of vision. By contrast, with overnight vision correction , the treatment simply involves sleeping with small custom-designed contact lenses which correct short-sightedness by gently flattening the surface of the eyes using the mild pressure of closed eyelids. The technique uses the long established optical science of orthokeratology - or ortho-k for short - and the overnight correction effect lasts for over 24 hours.

Ortho-k overnight vision correction is clearly a safe alternative to laser surgery  and short-sighted consumers who opt for this treatment enjoy perfect natural daytime vision which lasts from the moment they remove their lenses each morning until they reinsert them at night before going to bed.
So to avoid the pressure sales techniques of the laser eye surgery industry which earlier this year prompted a draft Bill proposing regulatory changes to the industry to be raised in Westminster, consumers can opt for a non-surgical fully reversible alternative treatment which provides the same benefits.

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