By Nigel Little 

Ortho-k lenses for sport  which correct short-sight overnight while the lens wearer is sleeping could have enabled US flyweight Rau'shee Warren to avoid making an exit from the 2012 Olympic boxing tournament at the first round stage for the third Olympics in succession. The 25 year old is the first US boxer to compete in three Olympic boxing tournaments but his reliance on wearing daytime contact lenses to aid his vision cost him the bout after his French opponent Nordine Oubaali succeeded in knocking his lenses out towards the end of the first round. Thereafter, Warren was reliant on Oubaali coming in close in order that he could see where to land his punches and unsurprisingly this left him open to Oubaali's more aggressive tactics.

After first round losses at the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, yet another defeat was tough to take for Warren the 2007 world amateur champion who now hopes to make a name for himself in the professional ranks. However, he clearly needs to deal with his short-sightedness which causes him problems in both training and fights. Warren admits: "It always happens, even when I am training, when I have been hit and when the contacts come out it is really blurry." His solution could be ortho-k lenses for sport  which gently flatten the surface of the eye during sleep under the mild pressure of closed lids thus correcting the angle at which light enters the eye and providing over 24 hours of perfect natural vision.

"It's a big disappointment you know coming a third time and then losing for a third time," Warren, head down and despondent, told reporters. "The headgear... it kept falling down over my eyes, then my contacts fell out in the first round so I was having to wait for my opponent to get a little closer so I could throw my shots," Warren bemoaned. Sharp vision is invariably essential for all sports and boxing is no exception. Many countries - like the UK - will not licence boxers who cannot pass a vision test unaided and wearing contact lenses to fight in is not accepted. This means that they have to find a solution which historically has meant laser surgery with its high costs and attendant risks. Now ortho-k lenses for sport  offer a non-surgical solution which one UK pro boxer  is already using to good effect.

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