By Steve Roberts 

Contact lenses for sport  worn only while sleeping played an important role in helping Jo McGilchrist win the England player of the match award in Saturday's opening 6 Nations encounter with Scotland at Esher RUFC. Despite fielding a team lacking many first choice players who are preparing to play in the World Sevens tournament in the summer, England - with McGilcrist leading from the front - overpowered Scotland and finished 76-0 victors. The result sets England up well in the defence of their 6 Nations title from 2012 and coach Gary Street was delighted with his team's performance despite a slow start given the unfamiliar team line-up.

For McGilchrist, it was a welcome return to form on front line international duty after a disappointing 2012 due to injury absences. She was invariably first to the breakdown and her field coverage over the full 80 minutes was outstanding. Whilst her rugby talents are well known and widely appreciated, one other key factor in her game is her perfect on-field vision which she owes to her special overnight orthokeratology contact lenses for sport.  These unique custom-designed lenses correct McGilchrist's short-sightedness whilst she sleeps - after removing them each morning she enjoys perfect natural vision all day long.

Overnight orthokeratology is a long-established optical science which has only recently been commercialised to provide an excellent new treatment for short-sightedness - where distant objects appear blurred - and offers all the benefits of laser surgery but without the surgery. Previously, McGilchrist wore daily disposable contact lenses which were frequently dislodged or lost during the high intensity contact of both rugby training and matches, with team physios invariably charged with keeping spare sets of lenses to hand out on the touchline. Now she never has to worry about having to leave the field and says that her overnight contact lenses for sport  have made a big difference to her rugby.

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