By Steve Roberts 

Contact lenses for sport  which correct short-sightedness overnight while the wearer is asleep have helped England rugby star Jo McGilchrist achieve her ambition of becoming a World Cup winner after England's 21-9 triumph over Canada in Paris today. Jo was a member of the England team narrowly defeated by the New Zealand All Blacks in the 2010 final held at Harlequins RUFC which made today's victory all the more sweet. Canada battled well throughout the match and were only denied by some excellent defensive work by the England team, with the tackle count led as usual by Maggie Alphonsi.

Like many sports participants, Jo had previously relied on conventional daytime contact lenses to wear for training and matches but in a contact sport like rugby, losing a lens was a regular occurrence which meant leaving the field of play to get a replacement. However, ortho-k contact lenses for sport  are only worn at night while asleep and removed each morning. They gently flatten the surface of the eye so that when light enters it focuses directly on the retina rather than in front of it. The effect lasts for over 24 hours so the wearer has perfect natural vision all day long until reinserting the lenses at night.

Since switching to ortho-k contact lenses for sport , Jo has been able to train and play without worrying about losing a lens which was previously a regular occurrence given her naturally dynamic game in the Wasps and England second row. Now as a World Cup winner, she has achieved the highest honour available in women's rugby and wiped out the disappointment of her experience as a losing finalist in 2010.

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