This winter so far has been somewhat of an adventure, and I’ve been keeping my iGO lenses close throughout. My winter training has kicked off with a little over 2 weeks in New Zealand, next up I head to the desert in Dubai to link up with British Canoeing for 2 weeks before spending a month training in Sydney.

New Zealand very quickly became my new favourite part of the world! I arrived just in time to celebrate New Year ’s Eve with some of my friends on the NZ team and then took the first few days to enjoy myself as I adjusted to the time difference before kicking off my training properly on the 4th.

I’ve left with so much that I still wanted to do so I’m already planning on returning next year! Training was very solid but as a result the days went by super quick so no time for running waterfalls, hot pools, or water-skiing unfortunately. I did get to swim in the sea and some rivers, see some cool waterfalls, and hike up ‘The Mount’ in my spare time though.

I did pick up a little trick to help sleep during the long haul flights too… Wearing my i-GOs is routine at home before bed, so I figured that I could trick my body into thinking it was bedtime by putting them in when I wanted to sleep during the flight… I think it worked, or I might just be a good sleeper! But it made sense anyway to sleep in my lenses on the plane so that I had good vision for driving when I arrived (although I probably could’ve got away without with a few good night’s sleep before flying) and because I only wore them to sleep they weren’t uncomfortable like daily lenses are during flights in that dry recycled air! It also keeps them close in the hand luggage should there be any issues with checked baggage on arrival.

So it’s so far so good… I’m looking forward to touching base with my coach Marc Domenjo when I land to set up another great couple of weeks training, this time in a very different setting! The desert in the United Arab Emirates!

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