New contact lenses to see into the future using new technology

New contact lenses are launched all the time but one of the most exciting advances in contact lens technology in recent years has been the development of orthokeratolgy (Ortho K) or overnight vision correction. This treatment uses specially designed overnight contact lenses  to alter the shape of the eye while sleeping. The changes at a microscopic level, correct myopia (short-sightedness). The main advantage is that contact lenses or glasses are not needed during the day making lots of everyday activities easier, especially sports.

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Since it is possible to see both with and without overnight contact lenses, they correct the vision around the clock, meaning that the wearer is never without full 20/20 vision. In fact eyesight is better than 20/20 especially in the first part of the day.

New Technology 

You may not have heard about overnight vision correction before but it has actually been around for many years in a less sophisticated form. The latest contact lenses, however, benefit from new high oxygen permeable materials, state of the art computer mapping techniques that accurately measure the eye's surface and computerised laithes which replicate this map and produce a bespoke contact lens design manuafactured to fit an individuals eye shape at microcopic levels.

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Stop your Eyesight from Getting Worse

However, even more important is the fact that these new contact lenses can help to improve the eyesight by stopping it from getting worse. Until recently all opticians could do was provide another pair of glasses or a new set of contact lenses with an ever increasing prescription. This new type of overnight contact lens offers a real option to halt myopia and the technique is increasingly supported by the latest independent peer reviewed research.

Children and Overnight Contact Lenses 

Slowing down the progression of myopia (myopia control) is especially important in children. Myopia progression is fastest in children between the ages of six and sixteen. The ever increasing demands on children's eyesight today, from not only books and TV, but computers, mobile phones and gaming devices has lead to a dramatic increase in short-sightedness in the last 20 years. Whilst myopia is inherited, (the risk of it developing is increased if both parents are short sighted), technology is believed to be having catastrophic consequences on children's eyesight. The opportunity to fit children with this new type of contact lens, not only means that children don't have to wear glasses, something most children would appreciate, but also that their progression of myopia is halted. 

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New Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

New contact lenses are launched regularly in an effort to improve comfort. They have come a long way since the original RGP hard contact lens which today is still considered by most opticians to be the healthiest option and the one which give the best clarity of vision. However, with the invention of silicon hydrogel materials came daily disposable contact lenses which were both more comfortable and more hygienic. There are now also extended wear lenses that can be worn consistantly for one month. However, an even better alternative for dry eye sufferers are overnight contact lenses because they are worn for fewer hours and leave the eyes free to lubricate and oxygenate for the whole day. 

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Overnight Contact Lenses - The New Alternative to Laser Eye Surgery

If the thought of a laser cutting away microscopic amounts of eye tissue leaves you in a hot sweat, you may be pleasantly suprised to find out that there is a new way of restoring eyesight without the need for contact lenses or glasses. Once upon a time laser eye surgery was the only option to achieve this fantasy. But thanks to the development of new contact lens technology, perfect vision is now achievable using overnight vision correction contact lenses. Rather than remove corneal tissue permenatley these lenses  gently reshape the cornea to achieve the same effect. 

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