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Ian Taplin Wasps RFC Academy Performance Manager

I have been a contact lense wearer for 20 years and in a high paced physical role working with players in professional sports this seemed to the be best option to me as wearing glasses and wrestling players or demonstrating movements was just not practical. There were still though frustrations with wearing lenses in terms of dryness and inevitable losing lenses on occasions and I was considering corrective surgery until I was introduced to iGO overnight contact lenses.


When the concept was first explained it was hard not to be sceptical and think that to are possibly be good sold snake oil by a travelling salesman but the reality is that it is a simple concept that does exactly what it is designed to do. The first few days there was a bit of discomfort getting used to wearing a harder lense but waking up each morning and literally seeing the improvement when each day was staggering. Within 5 days I could see without wearing lenses, the freedom this brings is incredibly liberating.

Being able to see all day unaided and then put the lenses in before going to bed means that I have control of my vision as opposed to relying on lenses or glasses. I will never go back to lenses or glasses, this is a fantastic evening product and I advise anyone to give it a go and not be blown away by the quality of the service and above all the freedom it gives you n everyday life.

Ian Taplin Wasps RFC Academy Performance Manager 

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