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Kids contact lenses, Erin 8, wears OVC® lenses have stopped her eyesight from getting worse

I am eight years old, my prescription is -7.00 D and I amazingly I can now see perfectly without contact lenses or glasses.

Until two months ago I wore glasses. I started wearing them aged 2 and I have never minded wearing them, I can't do without them. The biggest problem I had was breaking them. But when my Grandma read about how iGO lenses could possibly help slow down short-sightedness in the Daily Mail my Mum and Dad decided to find out more.

You see my mum's prescription is -10 D and her sister, my Aunt has an even higher prescription maybe -13 D and my mum didn't want my sight to get as bad as theirs if at all possible.

I have been wearing iGO lenses now for 2 months and I have no problem putting them in taking them out or sleeping in them.

My friends have always been used to seeing me in glasses. When I arrived at school the first day without my glasses they could not believe it. They were all really excited and crowded around me to find out how I had done it. They were really happy for me.

I would say to any other children who wear glasses to give iGO a try. I like the freedom I have now.

Erin's treatment was carried out by Optician Geoff Wilson of The Contact Lens Practice  in Birmingham which is one of the few opticians in the UK wholly devoted contact lens fitting.

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