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Dominic Hatcher - 23, Student and wakeboarder

A friend told me about i-GO overnight lenses. I thought they would be a great idea for me as I do a lot of sport and have very long days.

I compete at European level at wake-boarding and therefore I am in the water a lot. My old contacts would move around, get very dry and often come out.

I slept fine in the lenses - once they are in they are in, you just close your eyes there's no problem. They are easy to take in and out it's just a different technique to soft lenses. My vision just got better and better each day and it was 100% by the end of the first week - my prescription was -2.00 and -2.50.

Wearing my contact lenses at night has given me a lot more freedom than daytime lenses. I don't get that tired dry eye that you usually get and it just makes you feel better - its hassle free.

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