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Angela Lampitt - a nurse searched for 20 years

"I can see to put on my make-up and I no longer have to suffer my glasses slipping at the gym - I may even pursue my ambition to abseil and go orienteering," 

Angela a nurse has searched for twenty-years for a comfortable contact lens so she could get rid of her glasses. Overnight vision correction has  proved to be the solution for a 41-year-old woman who could not find a contact lens to suit her. 

Standard contact lenses did not work for Angela Lampitt - who had reluctantly worn glasses since the age of 19. She has unusually "flat corneas"  which means that standard daytime contact lenses did not fit correctly and therefore caused unbearable irritation. The general practice nurse faced a return to the glasses she loathed. "I hated wearing glasses - they always fitted badly and rubbed my nose, while making me feel so ‘mumsy' for a night out!"

She turned to Geoff Wilson at the Contact Lens Practice in Birmingham who suggested she give overnight vision correction contact lenses a go. Because they are custom made she was able to wear them comfortably at night without problem. They have literally changed her life.


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