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Contact lenses for reading make glasses are a thing of the past for Elaine, 65.

- thought she had experienced it all - hard, soft and gas permeable contact lenses - but then she was introduced to over night vision correction contact lenses and monovision.

"I had worn glasses from the age of 12, but there was no way as a young woman that I was going to attend dances and see The Beatles as ‘Miss Four Eyes'!" explained Elaine Hemming-Allen. "I also wasn't prepared to rely on friends' descriptions of any potential suitors! So, I was going to wear contact lenses, even if they killed me - and at first I thought they would!" said 62 year-old Elaine, from Tanworth in Arden, near Redditch. Fitted with her first lenses aged 20, thought she would have to struggle forever with the discomfort caused by the primitive hard variety.

Only one lens?
Elaine has been a patient at The Contact Lens Practice in Birmingham for 35 years and is one Optician Geoff Wilson's longest-standing patients. Elaine, with 42 years lens wearing experince under her belt,  thought she had experienced it all - hard, soft and gas permeable lenses - but then she was introduced to "over night vision correction contact lenses". "It seemed unbelievable that I would be able to see with my own eyes again - but when Geoff said I would need to wear a lens in only ‘one' eye - well, that really took some believing!"

Geoff explained: "This technique is called monovision - the planned use of one eye (usually the weakest) to provide reading vision, while the other is used for clear distance vision. Although most people have two eyes that work equally together, the brain still prefers to concentrate on viewing images with one eye rather than the other."

Seeing with my own eyes
Elaine concluded: "It's the silliest things that makes over night vision correction so wonderful for me. For the first time since I was 12, I can see the detail of things like bark on a tree - and all with my ‘own' eyes!"

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