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Contact lens eye infection caught while swimming made Marcus switch to overnight contact lenses
Having picked up a nasty eye infection from wearing my contact lenses whilst swimming in a pool on holiday, I realsied that wearing contact lenses is a no-go  for swimming.
However what I love best is swimming and surfing and generally spending time on the beach, so I needed to find something which would fit in with my lifestyle as I did not want to put myslef at risk of any fiurther eye infections.  
When I first heard about the IGO lens concept via recommendation I was completely sceptical - firstly because I hadn't heard of it before and secondly because it sounded too good to be true. But after catching the eye infection from swimming in my contact lenses  it seemed like the ideal solution for me.

Having a prescription of -2.75 / -2.50 and not enjoying wearing glasses all day I had previously switched to wearing daily disposable lenses which allowed me more freedom when skiing which is a sport that I am particularly passionate about - it also meant that I wasn't beholden always to wearing / choosing prescription sunglasses which seemed to solve a few of my issues with glasses.

I had been put off the option of laser eye surgery  by a friend whose operation sadly did not go to plan and was involved in lengthy corrective surgery. Consequently when I heard about the IGO concept which produced the same effects as laser surgery but had no permanent invasive effects (simply via the wearing of lenses at night) although sceptical I had to find out more.

My initial consultation with IGOs local optician partner, Shafquet Mohamed of Santro & Peche Chiswick (formerly of Moorfields Eye Hospital) was a smoothly run and thoroughly informative process which involved only a couple of tests and about an hour of my time. I was pleased to find out that I was suitable for the lenses. I had been informed though that over the first month there would be several follow up appointments to check the progress but after that there wouldn't really be an impact on my time.

I was a little nervous at the fitting having read a few of the other testimonials on the site which talked about the fact that others had found the lenses uncomfortable and difficult to get in although having worn lenses before, I managed it first time and although my eyes watered a fair bit when I was told to keep the lenses in for half an hour, it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.

On wearing the lenses the first night, it felt a bit odd going to sleep with them in but in the morning when I woke I couldn't really notice them at all. The appointment the following day revealed that on the first night's wear I had achieved a 75% correction. Although I had to wear reduced prescription lenses before full correction was achieved over the forthcoming week, I was contact lens free during the day by week 2 and after my month appointment; I was told that all was progressing well.

I cannot now imagine going back to daily lenses - the care of the IGO product is simple and if you're going to wear lenses at all then why not at night!? I would have no hesitation in recommending IGO lenses to anyone suitable for the treatment as it has proved for me to be a revolutionising, safe alternative to laser surgery and has made, swimming, sporting activities, working in an air-conditioned office and even taking a shower with my eyes open (!) activities that I can once again enjoy.



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