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Jennifer Golden - CEO and Slalom Waterskier

When I first heard about vision correction contact lenses hrough a friend who had started using them, it sounded amazing but too good to be true. I didn’t really think they were for me as I tended to wander around without glasses or daytime contacts if I could(my prescription is -2.0D).  I would only wear glasses if necessary at work or for watching TV and switch to disposable lenses if I was going to a party or the theatre and didn't want to ruin my look with specs. I did not want to rely on specs or lenses so I believed it was better to manage without either. 

However, I am a passionate slalom water-skier and found that disposable contact lenses would often move in my eye when getting out of the water. I also used prescription sunglasses for snowboarding which would steam up and had to invest in prescription goggles.  An optician friend – also a water skier – persuaded me to try overnight lenses and I was truly amazed when I took the lenses out after wearing them for just one night. I believed I could see better than I had ever seen before. Everything was so much more colourful and more three dimensional – it was like real life HDTV. 

When I put the lenses in for the first time and got into bed I could not read and I just wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep. But the benefit of having nothing in my eyes, being able do everything and see clearly the next day made me want to persevere. After a week my eyes settled down, I could put the lenses in easily (although I have always found them easy to take out) and the lenses are now totally comfortable for reading.

I also have bad hay fever and during the season I can’t stand make-up on my eyes during the day let alone wear contact lenses but wearing them at night is not a problem. Occasionally I do skip a night and my vision is not as good the afternoon of the next day when I will switch to my specs to watch TV that evening or drive.

 i-GO lenses have definitely been a revelation to me and shown me what a fuzzy world I had come to live in before using them. I would never go back to traditional specs or lenses as I cannot see why you would ever want to wear lenses during the day when you can wear them at night. Anyway my skiing has definitely improved now I can see the slalom course clearly!!!

And, of course, my belief in how good the product is has led me to put my money where my mouth is by setting up a i-GO so that others can benefit from this fantastic product.  JENNIFER GOLDEN IS CEO OF i-GO OPTICAL LIMITED

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