10 top tips for Hay fever allergy sufferers

  • 1. Start antihistamines at least 2 weeks prior to the season start. The tree pollen season stated this week.
  • 2. Use your medication everyday even when you are not symptomatic. A combination of oral tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops works best
  • 3. Shower after periods outdoors to remove pollen from hair and clothes especially before bedtime.
  • 4. A saline nasal douche removes pollen from the nose and soothes the irritated linings.
  • 5. Changing your diet - some foods like pineapple, ginger, garlic and bright coloured food contain natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory substances.
  • 6. Keep windows closed especially in the bedroom at night.
  • 7. If your symptoms are severe ask your doctor about immunotheraphy and a possible referral
  • 8. Do not use eye drops when wearing soft daytime contact lenses as these bind to the lens material causing further problems.
  • 9. Use wraparound sunglasses to protect the eyes from as much pollen as possible.
  • 10. Switch to iGO overnight vision correction. By wearing overnight contact lenses to correct your eyesight your eyes will be more comfortable during the day. Eye drops can be used to relieve any allergic symptoms. You will avoid having to return to your glasses.


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