Euclid Systems Corporation is based in Virginia, USA and is the leading exponent of OVC in North America. In 1995 Euclid set out on a mission to develop

"the world's first non-surgical overnight vision correction system".

The first step was to gain FDA approval for overnight wear of their patented lens and in late 2004 Euclid became one of only two companies to do so. They are the founder member of Bausch and Lomb's "Vision Shaping Programme" and have supplied their "Emerald" and "Topaz" OVC lenses to over 100,000 patients in North America and Asia. Euclid is one of the leading providers of OVC lenses in China where they have established a local company to access the huge myopic market.

Recognising that the major drawback of OVC was permanency, Euclid began to search for a way to make the effects of their lenses last longer. They have invested heavily in R&D, working closely with leading biochemist Professor Dale DeVore and more recently Dr Don Harris (one of the original pioneers of cornealplasty). Together they have developed a patented bio-pharmaceutical solution plus method of application to stabilise the cornea in the vision-corrected mode.

The solution will shortly enter clinical trials and as a standard biopharmaceutical product to be used in conjunction with their OVC lenses, it is possible that the product could be available for commercial sale in Europe as early as 2013 once CE certification is completed. If successful this development has the potential to dramatically change the future of the whole eye care market.

Today our lenses OK-Night EM, the European version of the Euclid lenses are manufactured in Italy by our technology Partner MedLac. SA.

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