i-GO is a predictable and profitable treatment for myopia resulting in excellent visual acuity for your patients. It is based on the patented design of the 'OK-Night EM' lens made by MedLac in Italy, i-GO's technology partner. Over 70,000 patients have been fitted with the OK-Night EM lenses throughout Europe.

Unique Design

  • Independently proven efficacy and safety 
  • Exceptional first time fit rate - saving valuable chair time
  • Unique design - reduces / eliminates lens binding
  • Polish-free internal surface - a high precision fit and extra comfort for wearers
  • Practitioner control - full involvement in determining patient lens parameters including refits

Key Features 

  • Prescriptions up to -5.00D with up to -1.50D of astigmatism
  • Custom-made for each patient - no trial lens sets required
  • Wide range of certified materials available


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