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Malcolm Hughes

Malcolm is an experienced healthcare professional with wide-ranging industry knowledge covering the optical, dental, life sciences, medical devices and primary care sectors. As well as being a Director and Co-Founder of iGO Optical Limited, he is Chairman of Hesira Group Limited, a pan-European dental clinics group and of BXTAccelyon Limited, a provider of a therapy for early stage prostate cancer. Previously, he was Chairman of Synexus Clinical Resarch Plc, an international provider of clinical trial services and CEO of Oasis Healthcare Plc, one of the largest dental clinic groups in Europe. He was also a Non-Executive Director of The Walton Centre Neurology & Neurosurgery NHS Trust.
Jennifer Golden
Jennifer has 30 years' business experience covering both FMCG marketing and healthcare services. Her initial career was focused on brand management and new product development with leading UK companies United Biscuits and Lyons Tetley before co-founding 'Dentics', the UK's first high street cosmetic dentistry provider which operated from a number of sites across London including a concession in Selfriidges. Subsequently, she became a Director and co-founder of iGO Optical Limited and leads the development of all online marketing and media activities.
iGO Optical Limited
The Company was co-founded by Malcolm and Jennifer in 2007 after they identified orthokeratology (ortho-k) - the correction of short-sightedness by wearing special custom-designed lenses only while sleeping - as being a potentially important new treatment for the UK optical market. iGO launched in 2008 as a provider of ortho-k lenses to independent optometrist practices across the UK and not only acts as a supplier of these lenses but also provides a full consumer marketing service to build awareness of this unique product and where it can be sourced. The company has established a manufacturing partnership with Euclid Systems Corporation of the US, the largest producer of ortho-k lenses worldwide who have completed almost one million fits through their various international distributors such as iGO. 

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