Have you ever wished you could go without your contact lenses or glasses during the day and still have perfect vision? A new night-time contact lens that corrects your vision while you sleep could be the answer.

i-GO Overnight Vision Correction (OVC) lenses offer complete freedom and the ability to see clearly all day long. A safe, reversible and non-surgical treatment that corrects short-sightedness whilst you sleep and is perfect for active 24/7 people who want to be free to enjoy life without the hassle of conventional contact lenses or glasses 

i-GO OVC contact lenses work by gently reshaping the cornea while you sleep. When the lens is removed in the morning the cornea retains its shape, enabling you to see perfectly throughout the day right until you go to bed. The lenses are also optically corrected which means that you can see clearly whilst wearing them even if you do wake up in the night.
"Since being told I was short-sighted when I was 14, I have always wondered what it would feel like to have natural 20:20 vision. The risks of having laser surgery worried me so when I heard about i-GO it sounded too good to be true. My air-conditioned office used to wreak havoc with my daily disposables and by 5pm my eyes would be so dry, itchy and irritated that I'd find myself switching to my glasses before the day was out! I have a demanding job and a hectic social life and wanted a better solution. I went to see optometrist Charles Babumba who runs a specialist optical practice in the City to have my lenses fitted. The very next day I benefited, at work my eyes felt great. I've just started training for a charity run and I also swim, but now I don't have to worry because I don't have any lenses in. I finally know how good it feels to be free at last!"
Hannah O'Neill, Account Director, London


i-GO Head of Professional Services and Independent Practitioner
Q: Who is suitable for i-GO OVC contact lenses?
A: Short-sighted people with a prescription of up to -5.0D and moderate astigmatism (-1.5D or less)
Also those considering corrective surgery as it offers the same end result but with the added benefit of being reversible. 
Q: I've been told that I should not wear my contact lenses during the night, why are these different? 
A: i-GO OVC contact lenses are made from highly oxygen permeable materials and are specifically designed and approved for overnight wear. Also because they are only worn for 6-8 hours while you sleep they are healthier than daytime lenses (typically worn up to 16 hours a day) as the eye is receiving oxygen Inormally throughout the day.
i-GO OVC contact lenses are available exclusively from i-GO accredited eye care professionals. For more information go to www.igolenses.com or to book a consultation Call 0800 077 8185



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