By Steve Roberts 

Ortho-k lenses  to correct short-sight which are only worn overnight while sleeping should be one of the major new treatments for consumers to be made aware of during Eye Health Week. Previously, most short-sighted consumers believed that the only way they could be free of glasses or daytime contact lenses was to undergo laser eye surgery. Given the high costs of laser surgery and the risks involved, many consumers opted to stay with their glasses and daytime contact lenses despite the frustration and inconvenience involved. Now with overnight ortho-k lenses, a new treatment is available which provides all the benefits of laser surgery - but without the surgery.

Ortho-k lenses  are custom-designed for each patient to match both their prescription and the shape of their eyes. The lenses correct short-sight by gently flattening the surface of the eyes using the mild pressure of closed eyelids during sleep. This means that light entering the eyes focuses directly on the retina rather than in front of it - which is why distant objects appear blurred to people who are short-sighted. The effect lasts for over 24 hours so once the lenses are removed each morning, the wearer enjoys perfect natural vision all day long until the lenses are reinserted at night. So overnight ortho-k lenses provide complete freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses.

One of the key themes of Eye Health Week is to remind consumers of the importance of getting their eye health checked regularly and to ensure that regular attendance at the optician starts at a very early age. This latter aim is particularly important given that short-sightedness is becoming increasingly more prevalent and prescription levels are worsening. A greater level of short-sightedness increases the risk of encountering more serious eye health problems such as retinal detachment in later life. For children who are diagnosed with short-sight at an early age, one of the benefits of ortho-k lenses  identified in research  is that not only do they correct short-sightedness, they also prevent it from getting worse.

Check if you or your child are suitable for overnight ortho-k corrective contact lenses .

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