Eye care is essential for contact lens wearers to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes while skiing
Wintry conditions can cause dry eyes for contact lens wearers, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology has offered advice on how to prevent the ailment.

The body suggests using a humidifier to negate the effects of moisture-sapping heating systems used indoors during the cold winter months.

It also advises people with contact lenses to use artificial tears often and limit their exposure to the outdoors.

Soft contact lenses can dry up easily and stick so it is recommended that people who wear them limit their alcohol intake so that they do not become too dehydrated.

For those who take to the slopes during the winter, it is important to wear properly fitted ski goggles with polycarbonate lenses and apply a good quality eye cream to protect the eye area from the elements.

People who take their skiing seriously will know that soft contact lenses are not permitted by the International Ski Federation as they have a risk of drying out during competition.

However, recently Manuel Osborne-Paradis said he will try new harder contact lenses that do not contravene regulations of the authority.

He did admit that there may be some risks to wearing the contact lenses, as they could get too dry, and said that knowing the course well may compensate for imperfect vision.

Cold wind can be kept out by wearing hooded jackets and brimmed hats which will help protect the tear film from evaporation.

Orthokeratologynight contact lenses are a great way to escape dry eyes this winter.

Innovative orthokcorrective contact lenses are worn overnight and gently reshape your eyes while you sleep.

The night contact lenses can be taken out during the day, eliminating the need for glasses or traditional contact lenses and resulting in natural vision and comfort.

Eye Health: Find out if overnight contact lenses will suit you.

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