By Michael Hutton 

Contact lenses for dry eyes  worn only while sleeping and Vitamin A supplements can provide a solution to the growing worldwide problem experienced by so many daytime contact lens wearers. Working in moisture-sapping climate-controlled office environments and spending increasing amounts of time staring at computer screens means that many daytime contact lens wearers can't wait to take their lenses out at the end of the day. The problem is known as Dry Eye and today's screen-based lifestyle is leading to a rapid increase in the number of daytime contact lens wearers who suffer from the condition. Staring at computers, smartphones and TVs means that blink rates reduce by over 80% and the eyes get less moisture accordingly.

Whilst taking more frequent breaks from screen activities will help as will moving out of dry indoors environments to the more naturally moist outdoors, this is not a practical option for many workers. Thus the emergence of contact lenses for dry eyes  which are only worn at night and removed each morning leaving the wearer with perfect daytime vision means the dry eye sufferer can now deal with all work and leisure activities completely lens-free. Additionally, increasing attention is being focused on diet and specifically on the role that vitamin A can play in protecting the surface of the cornea since a deficiency in vitamin A has been shown to cause and exacerbate dry eye disease.

So where does the dry eye sufferer start? Firstly, by ensuring his or her Vitamin A is only obtained from plant sources - otherwise known as beta carotene. Good natural sources of beta carotene include carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, spinach and milk but there are also Vitamin A supplements available in tablet or capsule form. A recent Japanese study showed that 83% of subjects treated over three months with topical Vitamin A eye drops resolved their dry eye problem so its effectiveness seems clear. However, once back to screens and indoor environments, only contact lenses for dry eye  can ensure the condition does not recur so finding the location of the nearest ortho-k opticians  is the next step in addressing the problem permanently.

Check if you are suitable for overnight ortho-k contact lenses  for dry eyes.

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